About Us

The Toy Folks is a toy store in Singapore; a treasure trove of toys, crafts, children's books and activities where playtime is made meaningful. It is my hope that our toys will inspire every kid to learn about themselves and the world around them - while having tons of fun in the process.

You might ask what makes The Toy Folks special. We handpick a wide variety of toys for kids aged 0-12 sourced from all around the world, some of which are not easily available elsewhere in Singapore.

At the heart of our brand, we want to put a smile on the faces of children and families; for the young ones as they have fun, and for mums and dads as they see their children growing, discovering, and having fun with each passing day.

Our Roots

The story behind how we came to be is an interesting one, at least to me! The Toy Folks used to be the Nurture Craft store, a local brand that had its first franchise store opened by my mum in the 1990s. While she sold it some years later, I took over the store in 2016 and The Toy Folks was born. All this time, the store has been located at the basement level of Forum The Shopping Mall. Growing up, I made many fond memories there.

Did you know?

You might also be wondering what our logo is all about. Well, it’s inspired by my dog and I, and how we love to explore new sights together. The little girl is the ever curious and excitable Emma; the dog is her little sidekick Dodo who accompanies her wherever she goes.

Together, they pick out items from the magical chest that takes them on their next adventure. Sometimes it’s a fascinating puzzle toy; other times, an enchanting children's book. Regardless, there's always something new for the loveable pair to discover.

From a cosy store nestled in Singapore’s Forum The Shopping Mall (Orchard), we are so grateful to have expanded to another outlet in Marina Square!

Visit us sometime, Emma, Dodo and all of us would love to see you soon!

- Mel, Founder at The Toy Folks