• Yoyo Factory Yoyo Go-Shu Takada
  • Yoyo Factory Yoyo Go-Shu Takada
  • Yoyo Factory Yoyo Go-Shu Takada

Yoyo Factory Yoyo Go-Shu Takada

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  • Do you want to start yoyoing and be like SHU TAKADA? Well this is your first Shu Yo-Yo.
  • Set up to be responsive, with a short string and ready to use loop, we recommend this Spinstar Go! for all beginner yoyo players.
  • Plastic bearing, starburst response system and at a great affordable price.
  • Just take it out of the packaging and you are ready to loop, no set up required!
  • If you are also interested in looping, choose this Spinstar Go! or the Black Cat yo-yo, as they have a narrower profile, making them more suitable for practicing loop tricks!


Yoyofactory Spinstar yo-yos are equipped with a special starburst bearing so they spin at the end of the line after dropping and then return to your hand with a jerk.

Tip: if you feel like your yo-yo is coming back too soon, relax a bit of the yo-yo wrapping up and you’ll get a longer spin time!

  • Globally Sourced
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Child Safe
  • Best Prices
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Ages 8+

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Yoyo Factory

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