• Secrets of Singapore: Fabulous Food
  • Secrets of Singapore: Fabulous Food
  • Secrets of Singapore: Fabulous Food

Secrets of Singapore: Fabulous Food

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Did you know that over 90 per cent of Singapore’s food is imported? You butter believe it!

In Secrets of Singapore: Fabulous Food, Spy Guy and the extraterrestrial Quiiqueg uncover this and lots more about Singapore’s makan paradise!

Discover the classic dishes that are uniquely Singaporean (there are laksa them)—and those that aren’t (Singapore fried rice?). Explore the newest food fads (unicorn poop, anyone?) and revisit the oldies but goodies (ice kacang is the OG!).

Hungry for more?

Peek behind the scenes and discover where all our food comes from, and how they’re stored so they stay fresh, clean and yummy for longer (ever heard of a food safe?). Then find out how we deal with any leftover food (there’s too much) to minimise waste!

Tag along with Spy Guy and Quiiqueg on a souped-up tour of fabulous food. You’ll be one smart cookie by the end!

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