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  • Inside Out: Volcano
  • Inside Out: Volcano

Inside Out: Volcano

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A rumble, a whisp of smoke, a plume of ash: one of Earth’s hundreds of active volcanoes has begun to erupt! Learn the ins and outs of these amazing landforms in this interactive die-cut book.
A layered 3D model of a volcano centers each section of 
Inside Out Volcano, guiding you through the steps of a volcanic eruption from its starting point beneath the Earth’s crust. As you turn the pages, learn about different types of volcanoes, types of eruptions, and their power both to destroy and to sustain life.  

Through engaging illustrations, photos, and text, 
Inside Out Volcano explores:

  • Tectonic plates and how they interact
  • The process leading up to an eruption
  • The shapes and sizes of volcanoes
  • Historic eruptions such as the one that destroyed Pompeii
  • Myths surrounding volcanoes
  • And more!

You will be fascinated by the sheer variety of volcanoes and eruptions on Earth, learning that even volcanoes believed to be extinct can surprise volcanologists and roar back to life.

Inside Out Volcano delves into volcanoes’ unpredictable origins and details how they’ve helped shape our world.


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