• Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book
  • Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book
  • Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book
  • Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book
  • Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book

Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book

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Every Singaporean kid will love the Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book, which features a collection of traditional folk songs to bring a whole new dimension of fun, magic, music, and joy to everyday learning.

Watch as your child’s eyes light up to the sound of traditional folk songs and enter into a whole new world of interaction as they learn to record their own sing-along version. 

Three simple features bring the Rasa Sayang Sing-and-Record Fun Book to life:

  • a ‘play’ mode for pre-recorded songs that your child will love listening to
  • a ‘record’ mode for interactive play
  • a 'playback' mode to play your various recordings


Rasa Sayang Sing and Record Fun Book Instruction Video

With beautiful, vibrant illustrations and English lyrics translated from Malay, this book from the Fairy Tales series is guaranteed to bring an afternoon of magic and music for the whole family! 

This book is great for children and one of the best classical songbook recommendations!

Unique Individual Songs include - Rasa Sayang, Chan Mali Chan, Burung Kakak Tua, Anak Itik Tok Wi, Bengawan Solo, Lenggang Kangkung, Gelang Sipaku Gelang

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Ages 1+

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Frequently Asked Questions (if any)

What does Rasa Sayang mean?

Rasa Sayang or "Rasa Sayange" is a very well-known folk song in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Malay “Rasa” is translated into “feeling” while Sayang translates into “love”.
Similar to Dondang Sayang and other Malay folk songs, Rasa Sayang takes its beautiful form from the “Pantun”, a traditional ethnic Malay poetic form which was used to express intricate ideas and emotions.

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