• Maverick Early Reader White (Level 10): Cara The Cowgirl
  • Maverick Early Reader White (Level 10): Cara The Cowgirl

Maverick Early Reader White (Level 10): Cara The Cowgirl

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Cara is the best cowgirl in Creektown… well, actually she’s the only cowgirl in Creektown. Will Cara prove what a great cowgirl she is when the terrible Black Jake rides into town?


White Band Structure

  • No specific phonic structure to these books, as children should be able to work out most reasonably common words without difficulty.
  • Vocab choices are appropriate to this young readership and not too complex or demanding
  • More scope for complex inference creeping in – e.g. sometimes the reader may need to read between the lines, or may know something the characters do not, or the author may set up unusual twist or surprise ending.
  • Stories are slightly longer and more complex than before and bring in knowledge from outside the story in order to understand it.
  • As above, though stories are becoming more varied in plot as well as sentence structure, sometimes including some more literary or stylised language where appropriate.
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    Additional Brand Information

    Maverick Publishing was launched in 2009, and has been developing a book list with a strong emphasis on quality. The Maverick Early Reader scheme has become a large part of Maverick’s publishing programme and is continuously growing. The scheme is built on using natural English, allowing the text to flow without forcing certain phonics into a sentence. This encourages children to read stories which are written in a more familiar style of language.

    The colour banding system allows an emerging reader to track their progression through the reading levels. Each book is assigned a colour band according to a comprehensive list of criteria. By levelling books in this way it establishes a solid base for those learning to read. This is one of the most popular forms of levelling in the UK and is recognised by most schools and libraries.

    Frequently Asked Questions (if any)

    What colour bands are for which ages?

    The colour bands used in the Maverick Early Reader Scheme are as follows:
    Pink (Level 1): Ages 4-5
    Red (Level 2): Ages 4-5
    Yellow (Level 3): Ages 4-5
    Blue (Level 4): Ages 4-5
    Green (Level 5): Ages 5-6
    Orange (Level 6): Ages 5-6
    Turquoise (Level 7): Ages 5-6
    Purple (Level 8): Ages 6-7
    Gold (Level 9): Ages 6-7
    White (Level 10): Ages 6-7
    Lime (Level 11): Ages 7-8
    Brown (Level 12): Ages 8 years
    Grey (Level 13): Ages 8-9

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